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A B C's Of Life

By Charles R Collins

ISBN number 0-615-11360-5

This is the book that I wrote some 30 years ago that changed my life and maybe you should let it effect yours.

"The ABC's of Life" is deceptively simple. It is easy to read but it helps you to get hold of some of life's deepest truths and make them a part of your life.

There are many books written about the power of "positive thinking" however this is the only one that has drastic simple proof that it actually works. The "ABC's of Life" book is based around a very simple plant experiment that quickly shows the reader that their very own personal thoughts are capable and do energize or destroy cells. This simple experiment that you can do PROVES the power of your own thoughts. Then it shows you how to use that power to remove barriers that bold you back, to make friends, to be, healthy and prosperous.

That answer lies only within yourself, but this book can help you find that answer. It is not a hard book, not written in high - flown, abstract, metaphysical terms, which are understood only by the writer. It is a book that is written to be understood by People for they are the ones it is meant to help.

Unlike most so called self - help books, it is a workbook, which involves you as an individual right from the beginning. It will help you to free yourself of resentments and fears and open yourself to light and love.

Follow its instructions and you - will SEE your progress.

It tells you how to, reprogram your subconscious mind for happiness and improved relationships with others.

After all you deserve the best - don't you ?

I think you do - NOW

Charlie & Fran Collins are offering this complete complimentary work e-book here hopping that it may reach as well as help many people who are searching as I was some 20 years ago. To down-load your Free copy simply go to each chapter listed below and copy on your computer, be sure to download the pictures.

The Book ABC's Of Life is based on the following experiment:

This will prove to you that you have control of your life today and forever so create your life as you desire as you think - with your thoughts. . . . . You will soon discover by doing our simple experiment that you are now in control of your own destiny today. So this is your starting point . . . for you to learn how to have a happier and fuller life now (if you want it - your choice).

For details of this check out Chapter 3 - Your Thoughts Have Power

This work book is designed to be used as a home study work book and therefore I suggest that you take your time and study it in detail especially where we suggest that you meditate on parts. Also you should answer all questions and make list of items that are requested. You see the more time you spend the more you will gain from this book. The time you invest is your choice completely and thus the learning and change in yourself is a direct result of your personal efforts.

Study at your own speed and if you care to you may down load this e-book all for your own use only, however we request that you do NOT reproduce to sell any part of it as you know it is copyrighted material.

Charlie & Fran are giving this complimentary work-book to you, the reader in hopes that it may help you. We request that you tell others so that perhaps it will also help them on their life quest . . . . Also we would like to know how this changed your life if you care to share this with us.

If you would like your personal bound copy then please order your own book.

Table of Contents:

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Home # 4 Meditation # 8 Your Mind # 12 Refuse a Request
# 1 How to use Book # 5 look at yourself # 9 Loneliness / Friendship # 13 Final Quiz
# 2 ABC's of life + Quiz # 6 Changes #10 Happiness # 14 Conclusion
# 3 Thoughts Power # 7 Laws Control # 11 Never Compromise Yourself About the Author

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Charlie & Fran Collins
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