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Chapter 11


Never Compromise Yourself

You are all that there is! You are the most important person there is. WHY? We have learned that NO one else can think for you, as you cannot think for anyone else. Therefore YOU are the most important person there is right NOW!

Before you started this workbook you, like many others, probably felt that you were just a result of other people and of your environment. Now, however, I hope that you are taking a new look at yourself. I know that you must now see yourself in a new dimension.

You have seen the difference in the carrots. Remember that you made them grow or die. NO one else had anything to do with that, did they? No, you did it all by yourself! You actually had control over their growth. Since you were able to make them do as you wished, then don't you have the same control over your body, life, and future? You see, since no one can think for you, talk or act for you then YOU do have absolute control over YOU.

STOP - Meditate on the above, and understand that you MUST STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET!


Yes, you must never compromise yourself since you are the greatest person alive. Is there anyone that you really would change your life with? That would mean that you would have to give up all of your good and bad thoughts and everything else about you and live like someone else. You may think at first that it would be nice to be someone else, but as you think about it you will change your mind. Because no matter how bad you may think your life is, there are parts of your life that you really have enjoyed. It may be your family or whatever, but there is bound to be a little part that you wouldn't want to give up.


Do you remember the chapter when we learned that we were the center of our own world? Yes we learned that each one of us created all that is around us. Therefore never compromise yourself, as YOU are the most important person alive, aren't you?


You know that a rose just wants to be a rose. It doesn't care to be an ear of corn. Members of other species just want to be what they are supposed to be. BUT man wants to improve nature! So many men want to change the plan and do something else! All we have to do is BE! When we try to do something else we get into trouble, don't we? Actually what we should do is follow the inner self and just BE. Do not try to live like someone else. You now know that to be happy is to enjoy what you have, and that to buy things does not give us happiness. All we have to do is to BE. As you learn not to compromise yourself, you learn to be a full and complete person.

I know many of you spend much of your time trying to please others, but how can you? Can anyone else truly make you happy? Then how can you make someone else happy? YOU CAN'T!

Some of us probably are very hard on ourselves, and condemn ourselves. But it states in the Bible, man is made in the image and likeness of God, and then each of us must be a part of God. Therefore if we condemn ourselves, aren't we condemning God? As you remember the carrots, you will remember what happened when you gave hate. We know that we get back whatever we project. So remember NEVER COMPROMISE YOURSELF


You know that actually you only have one DUTY as a living person. That duty is to yourself. The Golden rule is to love thy neighbor as yourself. It doesn't say to love your neighbor more than yourself, but as much as yourself! So never compromise yourself ... You should love yourself first. If you don't love yourself, then HOW can you give any love to another? Can you give away something you don't have? Of course you can't. So your main duty is to love yourself!


Please reread this short chapter, and see why you should NOT compromise yourself.

YOU are all there is. Since you are in the center of your world you should live it and love it, NOW.


We do wish you a good day :-)

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